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Banking and Finance

Banks and other financial institutions experience higher rates of customer churn than any other industry. That’s why effective outreach to both current and potential account holders is so important to keeping customers satisfied and loyal, expanding market share, and maintaining optimum levels of profitability. Our solutions help banks to dramatically improve the productivity of their outbound call centers, and to increase the speed and reach of their banking calling campaigns.

Because banks can interact with more existing and potential account holders each day, they can more effectively promote their products to clients and prospects. For example, they can up-sell and cross-sell complimentary products to existing account holders, introduce special offers to holders, introduce special offers to top customers or those most likely to churn, or reach out to prospects to discuss those services most relevant to their needs. As a result, market share will increase and customer loyalty will rise.

Customer Research and Surveys

Many of our financial customers are very interested in measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. And others are conducting market research for new products and services. Whatever your information needs maybe, you will find that quantitative and qualitative information is best gathered by a customer service representative. With a live conversation, a well trained agent can collect insights and discoveries that can only be achieved through direct interaction with customers to fully understand their behaviors, needs, and wants.


It’s also important for financial institutions to maintain a rapid notification system for customer messages that relate to changing financial conditions and important requirements or deadlines. SafeSoft Solutions offers the Call Blitzer, a voice broadcast product that can present voice messages to your customers and allow the customer the option to speak to a live agent.

Becoming Proactive

Banks and other financial institutions are becoming more proactive in creating customer loyalty and addressing new market share opportunities. Our customers have had great success with new projects and campaigns. In many cases their customer outreach programs are the difference between survival and prosperity.

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