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SafeSoft Solutions recognizes that business people view customer contact solutions from different perspectives.
Professional business people want to know how customer contact solutions are used in their industry and how they can improve their bottom line from that knowledge. They do that by learning about industry trends, best practices and customer centricity.

We offer powerful, feature-rich, fully integrated solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to use, and highly affordable. These benefits have been quickly realized by the many SafeSoft clients who rely on our products to optimize their customer centric initiatives in the following industries:

Telemarketing Services
Telemarketing services help businesses to improve brand awareness, generate new sales opportunities, and boost revenues. But, in order to accomplish this, they must accurately identify and qualify potential buyers, and successfully promote the right products and services to them. Our dialing software makes that possible, facilitating faster, more effective phone-based cold-calling, nurturing and qualification, and direct sales. Learn More
Mortgage Services Firms
Mortgage Dialer is the only software package that is powerful and complete enough to meet the complex telemarketing needs of the mortgage industry. With a broad range of innovative features, this cutting-edge Web-hosted predictive dialer helps mortgage brokers and agents to overcome the challenges associated with acquiring and retaining clients, so they can maximize profits. Learn More
Banking and Finance
Our solutions help banks and financial institutions with calling campaigns, customer surveys and research and notifications. It’s more important than ever to be customer centric providing the highest level of customer service that is possible. Learn More
Collection Agencies
In order to settle as many overdue accounts as possible, debt collection agencies must maximize the number of calls they make each day, while increasing the volume of calls answered, as well as the number of account holders agents interact with. Learn More
Debt Settlement
For debt settlement firms, the ability to negotiate as many payoffs and consolidations as possible is the key to success. Debt settlement agents are freed from the cumbersome task of manually dialing numbers, only to receive busy signals, wrong or disconnected numbers, fax machines, or voice mail. Learn More
Insurance Companies
Telemarketing is an essential component of any effective insurance sales strategy. With an advanced algorithm that dynamically and intelligently adjusts dialing speeds based on predicted call center agent availability, our software eliminates waiting periods between calls and maximizes “talk time”. Integrated CRM, maximum scalability, and comprehensive lead tracking also further improve agent productivity, so insurance firms can boost profits by issuing more policies and renewals. Learn More
Merchant Services
Our dialing technologies empower merchant services firms to more successfully market their offerings, such as credit card processing and billing, loyalty programs, gift certificates and cards, and more. Boost the success of telemarketing outreach initiatives, and communicate with more merchants in a shorter period of time. Learn More
Charity & Non-profit Organizations
Our dialers are ideal for supporting charity telemarketing programs for fund-raising purposes. Features such as remote access, the ability to transfer calls to verify donation information, three-way conferencing, and customizable data capture forms help to significantly enhance the speed and success of fund-raising efforts. Learn More
Political Campaigning
Gathering opinions, influencing decisions, or soliciting monetary donations for a campaign requires the ability to reach out to a large volume of voters efficiently. Our dialer accelerates the number of voters your volunteers can speak to by eliminating manual dialing, busy signals, voice mail and more. Learn More
Educational Institutions
Schools, colleges, and universities must build strong relationships with students and their parents. Communication is the key to creating that bond, but as enrollment grows, reaching out to every family has become increasingly challenging. Our customer contact systems can help these institutions quickly and easily share information. Learn More
Government Institutions
The primary responsibility of a government agency is to communicate with the people it serves. With a dialer from SafeSoft Solutions, agencies can share vital information with residents faster and more cost-efficiently. Learn More
Travel Agencies
Companies in the travel industry depend on outbound calling to generate leads, develop travel plans and book vacation packages. Our dialing software offers calling functionality that will make any agency more productive and profitable. Learn More
Professional Services Firms
Powerful and reliable systems, combined with effective telemarketing scripts are the key to success for any professional services firm. Our feature-rich solution offers such advanced capabilities as recording, adjustable dialing speeds, end-to-end lead management, and reporting. Learn More


Our clients have achieved tremendous advantages through the use of our systems, boosting call volumes by as much as 400%, while gaining market share and increasing revenues.

The SafeSoft Solutions Promise

We are committed to removing the investment barrier to technology adoption. When you implement a SafeSoft Solutions application, you get a complete package – for one affordable monthly user fee. You simply “pay as you go”, using the service as long as you like, and stopping at any time, with no cancellation fee or penalty of any kind. We are changing the industry by delivering the promise and power of the Internet in ways that free companies to innovate and adapt.