As Demographics Change, What are the Implications for Call Centers?

Recent data from the US Census Bureau shows that the average American household has shrunk in size over the past 65 years. Much of that decline is due to the growth in single-person households, which have almost quintupled in number since 1960 and now account for 27% of all households. And, due to baby boomers, the number of households headed by adults aged 75 and older has grown from 6% in 1960 to 10% in 2012.
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Manual Dialing vs Predictive Dialing

Are you still manually dialing? If so, you could be losing leads, and sales, and wasting time! Switching to a predictive dialer is the smart, economical way to get more value from your outbound sales and marketing programs.

With a predictive dialer, your agents no longer have to manually dial numbers, or deal with busy signals, wrong or disconnected numbers, fax machines or voice mail systems. This leaves them with more time to spend on selling your products and services.
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