Website Redesign Communicates Focus on Inbound & Outbound Solutions

We have redesigned our website to affirm our focus on helping small to medium-sized businesses improve sales, marketing and customer service performance with same-day-deployment cloud contact center solutions (inbound, outbound and blended).

The new look and feel is intended to drive home the points that we focus now equally on both outbound call center and inbound call management software solutions. As such, the changes also include a renaming of our core product from Market Dialer (connotation of outbound only) to Cloud Contact Center (connotation of both inbound and outbound) to reflect this emphasis.

We are also communicating a primary concentration on our main target audience – small to medium-sized businesses. This segment comprises our core customer base and will be our focus moving forward.

“The cloud contact center software market is becoming more and more competitive, and we want to be able to accurately convey our distinct market differentiation,” said Nima Hakimi, CEO of SafeSoft Solutions. “Therefore, the new site includes heavy messaging around both inbound and outbound cloud contact center solutions, same-day-deployment, and delivering value in the areas of sales, customer service and marketing.”

Sales – With our inbound and outbound contact center software (including the predictive dialer feature), companies can increase their sales productivity by up to 400% by automating and enhancing their outbound dialing function. Additionally, small to medium-sized businesses should also realize an improvement in their sales pipeline by upwards of 150%.

Customer Service – Our inbound contact center software intelligently routes calls to the most appropriate, available agents and populates the agent’s screen with the caller’s contact information, purchase history, etc. This leads to far more personalized and efficient customer service.

Marketing – Our inbound and outbound contact center software gives the Marketing team the intelligence it needs to assess and adjust marketing campaigns on the fly for maximum success. They will know which campaigns are most effective and which are not, as well as what particular regions are responding best to specific promotions.

We encourage you to take a look around the new site and see these exciting changes for yourself. Again, it is important to note that these modifications do not mean we are changing our business or our products but rather the way we talk about them. The goal is to better reflect our target market and product value.

Please also note we have added a number of new materials to our Resources section to help communicate this renewed focus on both inbound and outbound call center solutions.

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