SafeSoft Solutions Introduces Preview Dialer Feature

Here at SafeSoft Solutions, we’re committed to delivering terrific cloud-based sales and marketing tools, and continually updating our products with new features and functionality. So we’re pleased to announce the addition of the new Preview Dial feature to Market Dialer.

The Preview Dial feature allows the agent to manually dial a lead after viewing the lead record in Market Dialer. This allows the agent to review the contact details and better prepare for the call, before dialing, improving the chances of a successful result.

Using Preview Dial

To use this feature, the agent clicks on the “preview next lead” button within the agent interface. The lead information will then populate on the Current Call screen for the agent to read, after which the agent can proceed with the call.

SafeSoft Solutions Preview Dial Feature

After the call is completed and dispositioned, the agent can simply click the Preview Next Lead button again to get the next lead.

The agent can continue in this manner until all dialable leads in the campaign have been called, at which point they will get a notice to contact their administrator.

For more detailed instructions on using Preview Dial, please click here, or click on the image above.

Enabling Preview Dial

Administrators can activate the preview dial feature in the campaign settings window, on a per-campaign basis. Using the drop-down menu, set the Dialer Speed to “Preview.” Note that this setting cannot be changed while agents are logged in – all agents must be logged off before changing this setting.

Enabling Preview Dial with SafeSoft Solutions

To get more detailed instructions on activating the Preview Dial feature, click here, or on the image above.

Thank you staying up to date with the latest features we are adding to Market Dialer, and, as always, we appreciate your continued business. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Thank you,

SafeSoft Solutions

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