Iconic Partners Grows Fivefold in One Year With SafeSoft Solutions

Iconic Partners Grows Fivefold in One Year With SafeSoft Solutions
Commercial insurance industry servicer leverages cloud-based solution for outstanding rates of return and aggressive growth.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – April 24th, 2013 – Iconic Partners, a strategic marketing firm serving the commercial insurance industry has recorded its eleventh month of rapid growth with SafeSoft Solutions, a leader in cloud-based sales and marketing productivity solutions for call centers and small to mid-size businesses.

Iconic Partners, of Indianapolis, Indiana, provides lead generation and appointment setting services for fast-growing independent commercial insurance agents. Firms tend to turn to Iconic for support when entering aggressive growth phases, and in need of a steady stream of high-quality leads to support their ramp-up. Iconic, in turn, relies on SafeSoft Solutions technology to underpin their efforts.

“In my experience, ” Iconic’s Vice President of Operations, Brett Jacobson said, “dialing manually we could reach 25 people per hour versus 40 to 50 people per hour using Safesoft. We saw improvements immediately.”

SafeSoft’s technology has enabled Iconic to grow fivefold since implementation. Now, every time they bring on a new client, they add a new employee to support the client. “Our productivity level has dramatically improved. We went from working one campaign at a time to working five or six campaigns at a time, from multiple locations. The growth of Iconic is directly related to SafeSoft’s abilities to support what we do,” Brett said.

Iconic hires the best-fit telephone agents for their business from across the country, and allows them to work remotely, monitoring their performance with SafeSoft’s reporting and tracking capabilities, a key factor in selecting SafeSoft.

Nima Hakimi, CEO of SafeSoft Solutions, congratulated Iconic Partners on its success, saying, “They are leveraging our cloud-based technology to its fullest, and delivering outstanding results for their clients. They’ve mastered the art of matching leading technology to best practices in their field.”

A detailed case study outlining Iconic’s rapid growth is available from SafeSoft Solution’s website or by contacting SafeSoft.

Telephone: 888-456-5454

Email: sales@safesoftsolutions.com

Internet: http://www.SafeSoftSolutions.com


About Iconic Partners
Iconic Partners is a sales-first strategic marketing firm focused on serving commercial insurance industry professionals embarking on aggressive book-building growth plans. We deliver and execute custom plans that provide high-quality leads that close to sales. Visit us online at www.iconicpartners.com

About SafeSoft Solutions
SafeSoft provides the most robust predictive dialer and inbound call center software on the market today, wrapped in a rich suite of services to provide a comprehensive solution proven to accelerate sales productivity. Our easy-to-use cloud-based offering is completely customizable to your needs, whatever your industry. Join the growing ranks of sales and marketing professionals in the banking, finance, insurance, debt settlement, travel and other industries who are leveraging SafeSoft for accelerated sales and revenue performance. SafeSoft Solutions is based in Woodland Hills, California.

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