Complying with TCPA: Are You Ready for October 16th?

The telemarketing industry is a heavily regulated one, with laws and guidelines, constantly shifting and evolving in response to many demands, including frequent consumer complaints. In the latest turn of events, new rules issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) will go into effect on October 16th. As part of these new regulations, limits will be placed on the types of calls that can be made to mobile/cellular numbers.

For example, according to the new rules, “unambiguous written consent” must be provided by the mobile owner before a company using an automated dialing system can place telemarketing calls or send text messages

to that number. There is no “established business relationship” exception to this rule. Organizations must still obtain the needed permissions, even if the mobile owner is already a customer. Companies that fail to comply with the new guidelines may be subject to everything from class action lawsuits to regulatory investigations that can result in steep fines.

At SafeSoft, we understand how critically important regulatory compliance is to our customers. Our solutions are designed to make it easy for companies to adhere to all laws and guidelines, and to conduct their telemarketing campaigns in the most ethical, customer-friendly way possible. These new rules imposed by the TCPA are another occasion for SafeSoft to work with its customers.

We’ve added a new optional feature to our software, which will enable users to perform a quick scan of their marketing lists to flag mobile numbers.  While nothing can be guaranteed in life, this will make it easier to comply with TCPA regulations relating to mobile numbers.  Contact your Account Manager or click here 
to find out more about the new TCPA guidelines.

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