Meet SafeSoft Solutions' Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Nima Hakimi – CEO & Co-Founder
As CEO of SafeSoft Solutions Nima Hakimi has worked hard to build the company into what it is today. From bringing in new talent to establishing and maintaining the company culture, there is rarely a quiet moment for Nima. With over 13 years of experience specializing in SEO/SEM growth hacking, Nima is a digital marketing expert. He once launched an ad network with over 20 million users at its peak and has launched an entire social network on par with Facebook. When away from the office, Nima is a self-proclaimed “sports nut”, but specifically loves basketball and his Los Angeles Lakers. When time permits he even travels to different cities across the country to watch the Lakers play. While watching these games Nima has an eye on much more than the score. He tracks all the numbers from rebounding to field goal percentage. With a continued focus on data and numbers within SafeSoft that should not come as a surprise. In addition to being a self-proclaimed “sports nut”, he is also a self-proclaimed “data nut.” Nima’s strong focus on numbers helps identify new business trends quickly and is just one of the reasons SafeSoft has been able to remain ahead of the curve.


Bobby Hakimi – CTO & Co-Founder
As the Chief Technology Officer of SafeSoft Solutions Bobby Hakimi is responsible for effectively and efficiently managing the SafeSoft network. He has taken part in Internet ventures for well over a decade and is an extremely good problem solver, especially when technology is involved. Now, more than ever, technology must be used to gain an advantage from both a strategic standpoint as well as from a product standpoint. Because technology evolves on a daily basis, keeping up requires complete knowledge of how it impacts not only your business but the industry as whole, and Bobby understands that. He is extremely competitive and is constantly working to ensure that the SafeSoft Solutions network is fueling company growth. In addition to managing the network Bobby also contributes on the product development side which creates seamless continuity throughout the company. Bobby loves challenges so when not at work he can be found fueling his competitive spirit in the gym. He also loves listening to electronic music, and growing corals in his tank!.


Phi Le – Director, Engineering
Phi joined SafeSoft Solutions in 2013 and has been an instrumental part of the team ever since. As the Director of Engineering he is accountable for establishing the foundation of SafeSoft technology systems and has worked to develop and implement the core proprietary software which our customers use today. As a full stack developer, Phi has more than fifteen years of extensive experience in software research and development that delivers innovative products and business results. He also remains focused on leadership of development, designing and enhancing working methodologies. With a firm understanding of SAAS (Software as a service) systems Phi is able to effectively manage a team of engineers who are constantly working to build, maintain, and enhance the SafeSoft platform. When not working Phi enjoys writing code, hiking the great outdoors, and doing any type of handy work he can find. On top of all that Phi is a master Linguist. He speaks four languages including French, English, Vietnamese and German. I don’t know how to say this in French, German, or Vietnamese, but we are very happy to have him on the SafeSoft team.