SafeSoft Product Sheets

Data sheets for each solution and for specific vertical industries


Inbound Call Management

When customers and prospects call in to your organization you want to wow them with stellar service. Download this data sheet to learn how cloud-based inbound call management software can help your business improve the way it manages inbound calls with automated voice response self-service, intelligent call routing, call recording and much more.

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Insourcing Versus Outsourcing

Is call center outsourcing worth it? Sure you free up resources and perhaps save money, or do you? Statistics show that of the more than 80% of organizations that outsource their customer management operations purely to cut costs fail to do so. In fact they wind up dealing with customer defections and hidden costs. Download this article to learn all about the U.S. insourcing versus outsourcing debate.

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Telemarketing and Email Marketing

Telemarketing has been around for ever and only in the last 10 years has email marketing really come of age. Which is better? How do you know? Read this document to learn the merits of combining both lead generation methods effectively for maximum results. You will also see a step by step integrated lead generation formula that you can put to work today.

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Manual Dialing versus Predictive Dialing

Not using a predictive dialer? Then you’re missing valuable opportunities! Read our data sheet to learn how manual dialing activities are draining agent productivity and causing you to lose sales. In fact, without a predictive dialer, agents make only an average of 30 calls – and 17 connects – each day. We’ll show you how, by automating the dialing process, you can reach more leads and maximize revenues.

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Outbound Dialing versus Inbound Calls

Not making outbound calls? You SHOULD be. Download our data sheet to find out why outbound calling programs are so effective. We’ll show you how, by incorporating outbound initiatives into your call center strategy, you can generate more leads, build larger sales pipelines, and increase revenues. At the same time, you’ll improve agent productivity and reduce costs.

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Premise-based Dialers versus Hosted Dialers

Your on-premise predictive dialer is costing your call center too much money! Read our data sheet to learn why hosted predictive dialers are more cost-effective. You’ll find out how on-demand predictive dialers can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Achieve faster ROI by eliminating hardware and maintenance requirements. And, make your IT team more productive, freeing them from the burdens of day-to-day system administration.

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Automatic Dialing versus Predictive Dialing

Auto dialer users can derive even greater benefits by switching to a predictive dialer. Studies show that agents using predictive dialers spend more time talking than those using auto dialers. Read our data sheet to find out why you should replace your auto dialer with a predictive dialer in your call center. You’ll be empowered to talk to more customers and prospects, and achieve faster, better campaign results. You’ll also optimize agent efficiency and reduce overhead expenses.

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