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The Power of Telemarketing AND Email Marketing Together

In the world of lead generation today, is it a question of whether or not to use telemarketing or email marketing, or is the winning formula to leverage both simultaneously?

We’ve all heard the 8:59 p.m. calls from some solicitor trying to sell us something we don’t want.  Likewise, we have also received countless emails offering similar things that we do not really have any interest in.  These solicitations are annoying and are a result of sellers trying to fish for prospects using a shotgun approach.  That means they are spraying their message from all angles to try to reach at least some viable prospects in the process, while annoying so many others.

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Top 5 Things a Cloud Blended Dialer Can do

A blended dialer gives your organization the ability to do both inbound call management and outbound predictive dialing.  These powerful capabilities enable your small to medium-sized business to look and act like a professional enterprise, regardless of how big you actually are.

A blended dialer brings a certain amount of sophistication and automation to your business that you simply can’t get otherwise.  With a blended dialer you can dramatically enhance the performance of your sales, marketing and customer service functions all at once.  Here’s how:

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Call Center Research Opportunity With SafeSoft Solutions and Aberdeen Group

Are you struggling with connecting your contact center efforts with the needs of your customers? Do you want to do more to improve your business performance but struggle with increasing contact center costs? If so, SafeSoft Solutions would like to offer you the opportunity to take an online survey and participate in a new research panel by Aberdeen Group which will demonstrate the best practices and trends on how top performing businesses improve their performance while reducing costs.

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New Video Tutorial on Uploading Leads to SafeSoft Solutions’ Market Dialer

Uploading lead lists to Market Dialer is by far the number one reason that customers and users of trial accounts call for support. So we’re please to provide this tutorial to walk you through it, so you can watch and re-watch on your own schedule, whenever you need to!

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Special Webinar on Accelerating Revenue Growth With a Cloud-based Predictive Dialer

Join us next Thursday for a special webinar explaining how you can accelerate revenue growth using a cloud-based predictive dialer.
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